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 PR / Marketing Firms

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 Tyler Barnett PR(323) 937-1951Tyler Barnett PRCEOClick Here
 FTI Consulting
 Zeno Group
 Jackson Spalding
 The Hoffman Agency
 Stuntman PR
 Phillips & Company
 BizCom Associates
 The Harrell Group
 RWK New Media PR
 DujourJason Binn
 PR Newswire
 My PR Guide

 Marketing Ideas

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Keyword Research
•Keyword research is necessary for all other optimization services. Having the right keywords is a crucial part of improving your websites ability to be ranked in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
•Keyword research involves investigating your competitor’s sites and using a number of keyword analysis tools to determine which keywords or keyword phrases are searched most by users looking to find your products or site.
Web Page Optimization
•  Analysis the current content for each page.
• Keywords are added to each page. It is recommended that each page is optimized for one keyword and has a keyword density of 2-4%.
• Also, each web page file name and URL links should be changed to reflect the keyword. Internally link keyword phrases as much as possible to supporting relevant pages.
•Include a site map with links is a good way to help search engines effectively rank the site.
•Content Ideas:
develop a resource or “education” section on the website and add high quality
articles/ press releases (content)  that our users will find informative and see value in the content.

HTML Tag Optimization
•This involves an analysis of the key HTML tags that are analyzed by search engines to rank web pages.

•These tags include:
•Keywords should be added to the content in these tags to ensure search engines are optimizing the site properly.
Social Media Services

Google Places/Maps
• Create a profile and add information as necessary
• Add all locations in Google maps.
• Optimize the profile by adding keywords in the map locations

• Optimize the profile with targeted keywords
• Synchronize the blog and Twitter and make them tabs on the page
• Create a detailed profile that links to the website and social media initiatives.
• Use FB to build a following by running a promotional “like” campaign.

O Other ideas:
Implement the “refer a friend” program
•Social network with users as necessary

O Brand exposure
o Social Engagement with current and potential customers
o Back links to the website

• Optimize profile with targeted keywords
• Add twitter account to a series of Twitter follower databases so users
can search and add follow us
• Search for driver related twitter followers and groups.
• The following will be Tweeted as necessary:
O New articles and blog posts
O Latest developments
O Giveaways
O Media exposure
O Changes to the site
O News

Article and Press Release Marketing
• Write a series of articles based on our targeted keywords
O  Option A
– 2 onsite and 4 offsite articles
O Option B
– 1 onsite and 2 offsite articles
• Place articles on the website (to help with the keyword density of the site)
• Alternative versions of these articles will be created and posted on a series of article directories.
 Articles sites include Ezine, Article base, Article Rich (There is a list that we can
choose from)
One article is submitted daily for each article that is posted on your site
•Every article that is posted will be Tweeted and added as a Link on the Facebook page

O Each article will generate up to 6 optimized back links directly to your website, which will help your SERP.
O The articles also help establish us as an expert in the industry
O The articles can be used as free giveaways for signing up, etc.

• Set up an offsite blog
• Develop a series of blog topics (post will be approximately 250 words)
• There will be 2 types of posts:
O Posts that are based on updates
I.e Facebook page launch, media attention, hiring, contests, etc.
O Posts that are tidbits of information
 How to, steps, questions to consider, etc.
O Fresh content and back links directed to the website
• Each blog post will be Tweeted and added as a link on the Facebook page

• Optimize profile with targeted keywords
• Build a company profile to promote the website
• Search for and join related groups
•Promote and link to all other social media
•Could be a way to add potential sponsors/advertisers for the web site

O Back links directed to the website
O Free promotion for the website
O A well establish company profile that can be used to network with other organizations

Link Building through Directories
• Post the company profile on business directories and as many related sites as possible
• Optimize the profiles based on the keywords used on the website
• Create (at least one per month) and post an on line press release linking back to the site including deep linking to specific pages within the site.

O Brand Exposure
O Back links to the website
O More sources for contact information


 Swag Ideas

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