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Public Activity1. VOLUNTEER - Do Space-Related Activities!
Join the movement of people around the world who want to do something (anything) to help get humanity into space. We help make that happen through our Automated Space Volunteer Platform (ASVP). Volunteer for as little as one hour per week!
Recruit More VolunteersOngoing01 HourApproved
Public Activity2. REGISTER - As a Space Advocate
By registering as a Space Advocate, you are showing your support for the cause to get humanity into space. Just how many of us exist out there?
Promote Global AwarenessOngoingLess than 5 MinsApproved
Public Activity3. SUBSCRIBE - To the Mars Prize Fund
The Mars Prize Fund is online transparent fundraising venue, which can be thought of as a public savings account for the first successful human Mars mission. By being a subscriber, you play a direct role in helping to guarantee that Humanity will get to Mars because we will NEVER spend a penny of your donation and it will sit in the online public account until the first successful human Mars mission happens!
Promote Global AwarenessOngoingLess than 5 MinsApproved
Public Activity4. PROMOTE US - Tell the World About Us
Promote us to your friends, family, co-workers, social network, and the world with downloadable materials.
Promote Global AwarenessOngoing01 HourApproved
Public ActivityBecome a Mars Ambassador
The purpose of the ambassador program is to establish, develop, and grow our presence all over the globe-- to have boots on the ground in every major city. To become a Country Ambassador, you begin as a City Representative and actively communicate and promote the organization's Mission within your jurisdiction to utimately gain new subscribers to the Mars Prize Fund as well as other volunteers within your city. Then, you would recruit other City Representatives in every major city within your country. After a successful term as City Representative, you are promoted to State/Province Governor (if desired) and if you have success as governor, you will earn the respected title as Country Ambassador.
Promote Global AwarenessOngoing05 HoursApproved
Public ActivityBlog about Mars
Write about Mars, space exploration, space science, as a Mars Initiative Blogger.
Promote Global AwarenessMonthly(Select One...)Submitted
Public ActivityConvince at least 3 People to Subscribe to the Mars Prize Fund
Increase Mars Prize FundOngoing01 HourApproved
Public ActivityFind Sponsors to Donate Raffle Prizes
Identify sponsors who would be willing to donate prizes for raffles.  One winner would be randomly selected from the list of subscribers to win the prize. 
Increase Mars Prize FundOne-Time(Select One...)Submitted
Public ActivityInvite ALL your friends to Like Mars Initiative on Facebook
Simply invite all your friends to like Mars Initiative on Facebook.
Promote Global AwarenessOne-Time01 HourApproved
Public ActivityMars Initiative Social Event
Meet with other Mars Initiative supporters in a public place, wearing MI apparel, in order to garner attention and raise awareness of our effort.
Promote Global AwarenessOne-Time(Select One...)Submitted
Public ActivityRecruit "Mammals on Mars" Prize Sponsorship
Recruit sponsorship for a prize fund to reward the organization to successfully arrange for the first live mammalian birth on the planet of Mars. The success of such an experiment is viewed as a necessary precursor to the live birth of human offspring on Mars. A birth in a habitat on the surface of Mars, or in a subsurface habitat, within the planet of Mars, either would be acceptable. 
Promote Global AwarenessOngoing(Select One...)Submitted
Public ActivityRecruit nanosats to Mars sponsorship
Recruit corporate and/or non-profit sponsorship of seed funding for a prize that would reward any organzation placing the first nanosat or cubesat into Martian orbit and/or landing a functional craft on the surface of Mars using delivery from a cubesat form factor.
Promote Global AwarenessOngoing(Select One...)Submitted
Public ActivityRecruit prize sponsors for advanced field propulsion demo
Recruit prize sponsors for an advanced field propulsion demonstration. Prize would be rewarded for the first organization to demonstrate at least 1uG of continuous thrust without the use of expended propellants (using field propulsion or 'warp drive' propulsion). Must be able to demonstrate drive on the NASA Eagleworks Lab testbed at Johnson Space Center.
Promote Global AwarenessOngoing(Select One...)Submitted
Public ActivityRecruit sponsors for humanoid robot on Mars surface
Recruit corporate or non-profit sponsorship for seed funding of a prize to reward the first organization to place a functional humanoid robot on the Mars surface, and demonstrate a series of humanoid functions, such as planting plants, turning valves, oepning and closing air locks, and navigating simple living spaces.
Promote Global AwarenessOngoing(Select One...)Submitted
Public ActivityRecuit Life Support System Prize Sponsor
Recruit sponsors for seed funding of a prize to reward the first successful roundtrip to Mars and back to Earth of a functional ECLSS (environmental control and life support system) that could sustain human life (at least 2 persons) for the duration of the trip.
Promote Global AwarenessOngoing(Select One...)Submitted
Public ActivityVideo Interview the Public about Mars
Interview and video random people on the street asking them about their opinion of sending humans to Mars.  Produce and edit the video to be circulated on the MI website, YouTube channel, and social media sites.
Promote Global AwarenessOne-Time(Select One...)Submitted
Volunteer ActivityMarketing Analytics
Track and measure marketing analytics of website, social media platforms, etc.
Supports ALL MetricsMonthly(Select One...)Submitted
Volunteer ActivityRepresent Mars Initiative at Mars Society Conferences
Promote Global AwarenessAnnually05 HoursApproved
Volunteer ActivityRepresent Mars Initiative on Pinterest
Promote Global AwarenessOngoing02 HoursApproved
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