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1-Advocate EmailFinal 2013 Mars Initiative Newsletter - Bringing in the New Year!
Hello Space Enthusiast!
Call to Action – “Like” us on Facebook by Clicking Here
If you support human space exploration to Mars and want to see progress happen in YOUR lifetime, then visit us on our Facebook page and be sure to “like” us!  If you know anyone who has a passion for space and human Mars exploration, we encourage you to share our Facebook page with them. 
This year we are planning to put Mars Initiative in front of the world. How?
·         International Mars Competition for youths
·         Television, radio, and newspaper interviews
·         Social Media collaboration, and viral campaigns
Donate to the Mars Prize FundBecome a Mars Prize Fund Subscriber!
To ensure that humans expand beyond Earth and into the final frontier of space and beyond, join our “Million People for Mars Campaign” and become a subscriber by Clicking Here.
Thank you for your continued support. We are all expecting great things for 2014!
Let’s Go! 
Team Mars Initiative
Mars Initiative is a global fundraising organization, dedicated to raising Prize money to award the first mission that lands humans on Mars. We are a non-profit organization, 501(c)3, and are comprised entirely of volunteers from around the world who donate their time and expertise. 100% of the money we receive will be awarded to the first entity that lands humans on Mars.  Our goal is for one million people to subscribe at least $2.00 per month – One Million People for a Human Mars Mission.
 Mars Prize Fund  – “One Million People for a Human Mars Mission”. The Mars Prize Fund is a pool of donations intended to incentivize the development of a Human Mars Mission. Our organization is comprised ENTIRELY of volunteers, which means that 100% of donations received will go towards the mission. If 1 Million People were to become a Mars Initiative Subscriber, by donating as little as $2.00 per month, the account would grow by a minimum of $1.66 Million per month — an attractive sum of money to convince more organizations around the world to aim for Mars.  (The 34 cents is a merchant fee of PayPal)
 Recent Accomplishments
 -> 4,852+ Registered Space Advocates
 -> 35+ Public Fund Subscribers
 -> 155+ Volunteers
 -> 62,825+ Social Media Supporters
In 2014, we are concentrating our efforts on building Mars Initiative’s global awareness, building a cohesive team of volunteers, and we will ultimately strive for exponential growth of the Mars Prize Fund account balance.
12/31/2013 5:12 PMMina Mukhar
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2-Subscriber Emails
7/13/2013 12:51 AMMina Mukhar
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3-Volunteer Emails
7/13/2013 12:51 AMMina Mukhar